Would you like to try Steady Type, the keyboard for people with hand tremors?

  • Steady Type currently runs on iPhones and iPads. We plan on offering Steady Type for Android phones, in the future, but we don’t have that yet.

  • Steady Type is a software keyboard. It appears on the screen of your phone, just like the built-in keyboard. There’s no additional hardware to attach to your phone.

  • Steady Type is currently in beta-test. That means it’s almost done, but it’s not yet for sale. We’d be happy to give you a copy to try and we’d value your feedback. While Steady Type isn’t finalized, the current version is reliable and works very well.

  • Steady Type takes some getting used to. You’ve spent your whole life tapping on keyboards (maybe you started out with typewriters, then moved on to computers, and from there to a smartphone or tablet). With Steady Type, you don’t tap — instead you drag and drop.

  • With other keyboards you type as quickly as possible and hope your phone will catch all your mistakes. With Steady Type, you need to learn to type a little bit more slowly, and watch where you’re going. In the end, Steady Type’s word prediction feature will help you type just as quickly as you did before, and with fewer errors. It just takes some getting used to.

  • If you want Steady Type for a loved one or friend, we recommend that you install it on your own phone first, learn how to use it yourself, and then show your friend how to use it.


  1. Download and install TestFlight from Apple. This is an app that lets you install beta-test software from registered Apple developers. This is the Testflight download link.

  2. Once you have Testflight installed, send a note to info@steadytype.com to let us know. We will then add you to the list of testers and Apple will send you an email inviting you to test Steady Type. These emails usually end up in the spam folder. Look for it there. If you can’t find it, send us another note and we’ll send you another invitation.