Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get Steady Type? I don’t see it in the App Stor?

Steady Type isn’t available for sale yet. If you’d to try a pre-release version, please fill out the form on the beta-test page. We’re always happy to get more feedback from users.

Is there an Android version of Steady Type?

Not yet! We hope to have an Android version soon.  Please let us know what kind of Android phone you have, to help us prioritize our development efforts. You can use our Contact Form.

Is Steady Type a new piece of hardware that I attach to my phone?

No. Steady Type is a software keyboard that appears on your screen in place of the built-in keyboard.  It has special features that make it easier for people with tremors to type comfortably and accurately.

How do I type a space? How do I delete text?

To type a space, to delete text, or to type any other key, you use the same drag-and-drop motion that you use for typing letters. For example, to type a space you press the space key, then drag to the target labeled "space", then lift your finger. To delete text, you press the delete key, then drag to one of the available targets, then lift your finger.

When I press the delete key I see three targets. What do those three targets do?

The three targets shown when you press the delete key allow you to delete back one character, back one word, or back to the beginning of the sentence.

Do I have to delete a space before typing punctuation?

No.  When you type a word using word completion, Steady Type automatically inserts a space after the word. This lets you go immediately to the next word, without having to type a space. That's the right thing most of the time.

However, there are times when you want to type punctuation: a period, a comma, or some other punctuation. In these cases, Steady Type will automatically delete the space before inserting the punctuation, so you don't have to do it.

Does steady Type automatically capitalize names?

Yes. The word prediction feature in Steady Type will offered capitalized versions of names and other words that begin with a capital letter.  The built-in dictionary includes many capitalized words. When you enter a new word, if you type it with an initial capital letter, Steady Type will remember that and offer you a capitalized version of the word through word prediction.